Sunday, March 31, 2013

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Outside my window... It is 8 am and the sun is shining and the birds are singing - it is going to be a gorgeous day! It did frost last night, and it is fun to watch the frost line recede across the back yard as the sun rises in the sky and over the roof line. Even though it is chilly I have the back door cracked open so I can hear the birds better.

I am thinking... about how much I love the yellow paint that is in the two rooms in the front of the house (east facing): the dining room and the piano room. Yellow is a bold color choice, but on mornings like this, the rooms positively glow. I was thinking about changing the paint color in the dining room since we are redoing the floor, but I can't bring myself to do it. I love that sunny glow too much!

I am thankful... that Jordan is flying home later this morning. I've missed my right-hand man.

From the Learning Rooms... This past week was our traditional off-week (last week of the month) so that is why Jordan left to do his visitation with his mom last week. On Tuesday I asked Rylan if she would like to do a math lesson (she was bored), and she said "NO! If Jordan is on vacation from school, then I am on vacation." Well. Even though she was "on vacation", she did manage to keep herself busy. She made a map of the downstairs (a treasure map), and paced around counting her steps from room to room. This was the day that I was tearing out the carpet in the dining room, so I had to keep shooing her out of there because of the carpet tack strips around the edges. Her map turned out pretty well. She hid the "treasure" (a drawing) inside an empty diaper box, and made her dad follow her map when he got home from work, since the treasure was for him. It was very sweet. She also made a bow with a stick and a long rubber band (cut) that I tied to each end. She had used a plastic stick with a point on the end (it came from a small American flag) as the arrow. Dean cut a notch in the end of the stick so that she could use it to hold the rubber band in place when she drew her 'arrow', and it actually works! So we have had a mini-Katniss running around all week. We have cautioned her about pointing it at the various living creatures in these parts. So far, it's only been near-misses.

In the kitchen... Is a floor that is 1/3 completed! Yeah!

I am wearing... pjs

I am creating... just this post I'm afraid...

I am going... to Denver Int'l Airport in about an hour. Then we head to the Denver Zoo for some family time, and then on to my brother and SIL's for dinner with family. It is Easter, but they are putting on a very relaxed meal. My SIL said that we had better show up in jeans or we'll be sent home to change. (love that!) In our family, Easter has been traditionally spent at my aunt and uncle's house - a family-style potluck of the traditional Easter favorites, followed by an egg hunt for the little kids. This year marks an abrupt change for all of us, since my uncle passed away in December. My aunt has flown to Florida to spend some time with her granddaughter, and the rest of us have sort of splintered off to do our own thing. The time felt right for me, personally, to make a change in how we celebrate the holiday all-together. As in, we don't. We did our baskets on Spring Equinox, dyed our eggs then and had a super-stinky fridge for a couple of days. The last of the four chocolate bunnies are on the back of kitchen counter..almost gone.

I am wondering...about the weather forecast that calls for snow tomorrow. Crazy Colorado weather.

I am reading... the same - The Year of Homeschooling Dangerously, and The Drums of Autumn. Neither of which I cracked last week, even though it was our off week and I could have easily disappeared into a book. Too much else to do.

In the garden... Peas, beets and spinach! I have ne-ver planted this early! I put them in on March 21, and staked out some soaker hose for use later, when it warms up. Nothing is up yet.

I am hoping... That our lawn some-what survives this summer with the watering restrictions that are going to be in place. We get to water two days a week.

I am looking forward to... the Zoo! Wish me luck - our license plates expire this month, and today is the last day of the month. As you may remember, I don't have much luck when it comes to the stupid parking police, so I am openly inviting potential trouble here...

I am learning... This past week I Googled for information about charitable tax-deductions and the Badoink! iPad 'virus' - and nasty thing that may have infiltrated our router. Strangely enough, it only pops up on my iPad whenever I click on a certain friend's link to her blog whenever she posts it in Facebook. It has happened twice now and it very disturbing and unsettling. It has nothing to do with my friend's blog per se - but it is super weird how it only happens with her links. And we all thought that Apple products were safe from stuff like this... :( I just may have to go visit the Apple store for this.

I am hearing... Depeche Mode's newest album 'Delta Machine'. I love, love, love the track 'Heaven'. The first few times I heard it (in the past couple of weeks) I kept thinking it was Muse - they sound exactly alike in that song...

Around the house... The contents of the dining room are now temporarily in the piano room while Dean finishes the floor. Dean reconnected the dishwasher earlier this week, so after two weeks of washing dishes by hand, I have a machine again! Which is awesome, because the dirty dishes definitely had the upper hand there.

I now have a clean desk! After months and months of mess, I finally pushed through and got it done - it was my goal for this past week.

I am pondering... What will happen with the North Korea situation. That's a little scary, isn't it?

One of my favorite things... A clean desk.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Back to schoolwork! And the normal activity routine.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...

Our spring baskets...

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating today! :)




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