Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You might be a narrow-minded racist redneck....

I present Exhibit A.
(which happens to be our van)
Exhibit B
(A bigot who resides in...oh, look!  Arizona!)

Which do you find more offensive?  Hmm?
Because today some beer-bellied, foul-mouthed, poor-excuse for a human being decided that MY van's bumper stickers were a tad bit offensive for his conservative tastes, and proceeded to shout out to his friend, sitting in his truck, that - and I quote - "Look what some fucking idiot pasted on their van!  Obama lovers... what a fucking joke!"
Well, the problem is, he said this as he was walking not ten feet away from my vehicle.  Which was occupied by myself and my four impressionable children at the time.  With the windows down.  Yes.  We heard every. last. word.
I think you would have had to use high-speed film in order to capture my exit from my vehicle.  I was on him before the chickenshit could jump in his truck, but the glee in that fat-fucker's face said it all - he knew what he said, he knew who he said it in front of, and he didn't care.  Not a whit.
This will be the third, maybe fourth nonprovoked run-in I've had with an asshat whose got a problem with my democratic ideals.  (But this was, by far, the most vitriolic exchange I have had the pleasure of partaking in.)  All of which were instigated by my bumper stickers.  My bumper stickers that mention a person's NAME and the YEAR of the election.  Oh, and that we like the Sooners.
I did not single any ethnic group out.
I did not insinuate anything about someone's moral character.
I did not make false accusations or judgements.
I did not use offensive language or symbols.
So which party has the true image problem here?  What THE HELL is wrong with these people?
Here is my personal wish for Mr. Arizona (proud owner of Exhibit B)
* you lose your job to an immigrant who is willing to do the work you think you are too good for.
* you lose your healthcare because you are so damned determined in your quest to ruin our country.
* you will have to depend on government assistance in order to get by.
* your son comes home one day and shares with you that he is, in fact, gay.
* your wife leaves you, and takes your dog with her.
Because you know what? 
You will always have your pick-up truck...and a narrow mind to go with it.


Shawn Walter said...

I can only say I'm sorry this happened. It sucks. I've been on the receiving end of hate before and it is not a nice place to be. For the kids, just tell them the people with the smallest minds often have the largest mouths.

Mumbles said...

I love this entry. In fact, I'm really liking all your blogs--I'm a homeschooling, perpetually dieting, politically liberal mom who used to live in Utah, but is now on the east coast. The photo of the truck with the bumper stickers? It's perfect for a blog entry I'm writing--is it okay if I use it, with attribution? If it's not, please let me know and I'll remove it immediately.

I noticed on your other blog that you've not been well--I hope you're feeling better!