Sunday, December 16, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry


Outside my window... A gray skies kind of day. There is snow in the mountains, but not here. I think we may get some snow this coming Wednesday. Dean and Jordan are on their way home from a short scout ski trip as we speak, so they are driving through the snow on their way home.

I am thinking... About Connecticut. I've heard about the selfless act of one of the adult victims - a teacher who hid some of her students in a closet in order to protect them. I can recall several meetings about lock-downs and threat assessment during my teaching days. I hated the drills - it was nerve-wracking to hear someone trying your classroom door to see if it was locked. I had four points of entry to my classroom. Only one of the doors - the outside door - was the one that I had the ability to secure with a key. The other three were interior doors that I had to rely on other teachers to do their part in securing access to our annex. I. hated. that. I even kept a large cabinet behind my desk clear from clutter. That way I could stuff my students in there if I had too. I would often lay awake at night playing out different scenarios in my head about how I would escape with the kids if 'this' or 'that' happened. Aren't teachers supposed to lay awake at night creating neat lesson ideas rather than plans on how to escape a deranged gunman? What a messed up world....

I am thankful... That I have four beautiful, healthy children. And that I have the freedom to school them at home. I can't emphasize the depth of gratitude in these statements enough.

From the Learning Rooms... Rylan can now officially count to 100. I think she has been able to do it for awhile now, but we never just did an official run-through of all of the numbers. We have practiced counting here and there, but not like in drill-and-kill fashion. The pride she feels is immense - she did most of the work! She is also writing down practically everything. Just now she wrote herself a reminder note that a SpongeBob Christmas special is coming on tonight. She paused the tv and copied down the time and title of the show, lol.... I guess we better not forget it will be on!

In the kitchen... Sweet rolls from a friend who dropped them by last night (a very welcomed Christmas gift - thank you Kierra!!), and yogurt.

I am wearing... silk long johns... It's cold this morning!

I am creating... We are finishing the bathroom this afternoon, as soon as Dean and Jordan arrive home! We just need to finish installing the molding, toilet and vanity/sink combo and hang the mirror. I can't wait!!

I am going... Nowhere today... yeah!

I am wondering... why... Why...WHY???

I am reading... Still nothing. I think I am in dire need of some escapism though..

In the garden... I just realized I still have my carrots in the ground.. and a couple of wayward beets. We have had a couple of good freezes now, so they should be nice and sweet. Time to harvest!

I am hoping... To get the bathroom done by tonight. We SHOULD be able to do it... but you never know.

I am looking forward to... An early Christmas with my mom tomorrow night.

I am learning... How to put some of my homeschool planning spreadsheets onto Google docs so that I can access them on my iPad during vacation next week.

I am hearing... After Hours, by We Are Scientists on Spotify

Around the house... Rylan and Owen are watching SpongeBob, Colin is in the playroom, Abby is sleeping on her pillow and Kitty is somewhere upstairs.. on a bed probably. No patches of sunshine to sleep in today...

I am pondering... When I will actually acknowledge the fact that we are leaving in five days, and that I should really begin packing...

One of my favorite things... Christmas movies. We watched all three Santa Clause movies yesterday.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Dinner/presents with mom tomorrow night, the usual violin/karate/dance class line-up, ice skating with the girl scouts, wine and dessert with bookclub friends, my Uncle Buzz's Celebration of Life service on Friday, followed by a holiday tap show performance of Rylan's that evening. We leave for OKC bright and early the next morning!!

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...

Rylan and I attended a Girl Scout Holiday Tea yesterday. We enjoyed many teatime treats, made some crafts and sang Christmas carols. It was a very pleasant time indeed, and I enjoyed spending time with my beautiful, sweet daughter.





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jennifer anderson said...

i remember a tea party birthday theme from when my daughter was in preschool. such fun! heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwichs too..