Monday, October 8, 2012

Up, up and....away

It was one year ago today that my beautiful grandma Bobbie passed away.  It has been a rough year for all of the family, as we come to grips with a new way of coming together.  It has been most difficult for my three aunties, who were her constant companions.  They chose to mark today's milestone by taking in the annual Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque - something that they (and my grandma) had always wanted to do.  I couldn't think of a more uplifting (pardon the very bad *and unintentional* pun, but really, the word just fits) way to spend what would otherwise be a very somber occasion.  I hope that they have found some solace and peace during their stay there.
You don't realize the depth of a loss until it has had time to sink in.  Even though we have had a few happy family gatherings during this past year, there is still something missing.  An elephant hovers in the room... we are all missing her gentle spirit. 

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