Thursday, October 4, 2012

The fall blahs..

Fall is my favorite season... I love when our ash tree reaches this lovely reddish orange color.  I love love love the colors, the smells and the activities of fall.


This year I have such a case of the blahs.  I look at the calendar and think Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... uugh.  I don't have the energy for this!  Now don't tell anyone - but I haven't even written a thing down on our October calendar (gasp!) except for an appointment for all of the kids to get their flu shots (that happened yesterday).  So, if you are expecting me to show up for something and I don't get there - now you know why.  I think it is my passive-aggressive way of handling a busy schedule.  If it is not on the wall calendar, in my mind - it. doesn't. exist.

Last year I made up a long list of our favorite activities to do in the fall, and the budget that goes with it.  I haven't even looked at it (except to just now so that I could post the link - and it just made me tired, looking at it), and to hell with the budget - we are down to trying to figure out how many nights a week we can get away with Mac n' Cheese.

I think that I am just severely tired.  I need more sleep and I should strongly consider hiring a personal secretary, chauffeur, chef and  - what the hell - let's throw in a nanny there as well.  (Damn, that still means I have to teach.  Wait?  Isn't that what I am *really* supposed to be blogging about most of the time?)*

*blows dust off of the textbooks...

So homeschooling is really what I am supposed to be doing... not complaining about how I don't really feel like dumping a few pumpkins on the porch and purchasing sixteen thousand bags of candy.

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