Thursday, August 2, 2012

When you're in the middle of heat-index hell...

Poor Jordan.  We left him behind in OKC last week so that he could spend the other half of his six-week visitation with his mom.  (He does six weeks every summer, and this year we had to spilt the visit into two parts, so that scout summer camp could be sandwiched in between...).  We spent last week out there (in part to deliver him to his mom, and in part to visit family), and drove home on Saturday.  I am so so so so glad that we were there last week and not this week, because apparently it's a little hot in OKC.

Okay.  It's REALLY hot in OKC.

I am consumed with guilt (not really) that we are back home in Colorado, enjoying the monsoonal flow of cooler temps and afternoon rains.  Ahhhhh.  So how do you cool off in OKC?  As luck would have it, Dean's folks live just a couple blocks away from a nice little spray park.  During our visit we typically hit it in the evenings, when the temps hovered around 98F or so.

It is supposed to hit 113F in OKC today... hang in there, Jordan!!

(In the meantime, we will be enjoying the low cloud cover and mid-80's...)

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