Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The First Day of School

I love seeing the pictures that have been flooding Facebook and blogosphere for the past few days - so many kids looking so excited for all that is in store... kids in front of school buses, front doors, school signs, in their classrooms, at home at the kitchen table... lots of different firsts, and all of the them look pretty wonderful!

Yesterday marked our first day for this year as well.  My homeschool calendar runs from August through July, schooling throughout the year and taking the last week off each month.  And then, here and there, we take off an extra week (or two or three) depending on the ebb and flow of the seasons.  Jordan just got home from his visitation with his mom in Oklahoma, so we took off the beginning of August and waited until he got home to officially start.  We'll go straight through and take off the last week of September.

So here is our "First Day Picture"....


They look super-excited, don't they?

Here was my soundtrack all day...

1.  How many of these do I have to do?

2.  Can I play Minecraft now?

3.  Hey!  This is actually good so far!  (Jordan, talking about The Phantom Tollbooth)

4.  I have completely forgotten how to do Roman Numerals... what do I do again??

5.  I want to do Math!  (Owen)  (He means 'play' with the new balance scale we got)

6.  Can we watch Phineas and Ferb now?

7.  I'm hungry!

8.  What time is it?

9.  There is gross stuff all over my pencil.  Can I have a new one?

10.  Ewww!  Mom!  Jordan put his eraser up his nose!!!!!!!!!!!!

11.  Why don't you check your email, while we go out and play????

12.  What composition book?


I don't think I am ready for day two just yet...

I need another shot of espresso in my mocha.

Hope your 'first day' went better than mine!!!

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