Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The iPod Shuffle

When it comes to technology around the house, a trickle-down effect is in play.  Dean gets "X" gadget, and then when he is ready to move on to something newer, the gadget gets passed on to me.  And then to Jordan.  And then to Rylan.  And now, on to Owen. 

Dean has his Android phone.  He is up for renewal later this month, and he is debating about what he wants.  Probably the new Android.  Last renewal period was my turn (last August) and I opted for the iPhone.  Which meant that I would pass on my iPod touch (originally Dean's) on to Jordan, and my phone (originally Dean's) on to my father-in-law, who wanted a phone to tinker with (long story).  Jordan has been waiting patiently for the "iPod shuffle" to happen.  It's been 8 months.  I don't know why it took so long... I am just inept when it comes to technology.  And I am also lazy.  So the thought of getting every last bit of info off of the Touch seemed daunting.  Sunday evening just morphed into this effort to finally get the iPod into Jordan's hands, so I set to work.  It took *maybe* thirty minutes.  Dean wiped it, reloaded it with Jordan's music library that he originally had on his iPod classic, set up Jordan's email (wi-fi) and the iPod Touch was his.  It is now a permanent extension of his hand.  He has emailed his dad (while he is at work) about fifteen times already in the past day and a half, and played Angry Birds every second not otherwise occupied by schoolwork.

Rylan has now inherited the iPod Classic.  The battery, unfortunately, seems to be shot.  It will only hold a charge for about an hour.  Dang.  In the meantime, the tiny iPod shuffle is now Owen's, who is a true music aficionado.  He *loves* Coldplay, Adele, U2, They Might be Giants, Lady Gaga, Foster the People, Mumford and Sons and others..  Yesterday morning was strange, as the kids wandered around the house, captivated by their new 'toys'.

I'm not ready for the 'insert-headphones-ignore-your-parents-and-everybody-else' stage of childhood yet.  Although I will confess that I did slip Jordan some headphones in church last week.  He was playing a math game on my phone, and after a few problems they slip in a short video clip about some science or nature, and then resume the math problems.  He was actually trying to listen to it by turning the volume up, so in a quick act of desperation I shoved my headphones in his hand.  And then regretted it because this is the boy who never remembers to clean his ears.  Gross.

I am opposed to kids always being plugged into something.  I only ever allow it when desperate times call for it.  The doctor's office.  Bored children sitting in church.  (Hey, can I play too??), long car rides...  I don't like it at restaurants, but if they have been polite during the meal and finished their food, and if the adults are talking and talking and talking, then I don't blame them.  I would be bored too - so there is nothing wrong with a little entertainment.  But sitting at home, it seems ridiculous.  Yet, when I think about how many times a day I whip out my phone to play Words with Friends or check out Facebook, I feel a little ridiculous too.

I think I am going to need a pry bar to get the Touch out of his hands at this point...

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