Monday, December 22, 2014

The Nutcracker

Last weekend was our Nutcracker performance.  We had a five hour dress rehearsal the night before, and then on Saturday we performed two shows.  Rylan had two parts; a dancing gingerbread and a butterfly in the Waltz of the Flowers.  Dean and I were party parents again.  Since this was our second year, we were much more relaxed and it was a lot more fun.  There was definitely a different dynamic amongst the party scene people this year, because it felt much better.  The kids were more fun, there were actual 'parents' rather than teenage girls playing the role of a man to help fill in the scene, and there was more acting involved this year.  We had to chase around our naughty kids, Dean and another dad fought over who got to bring out the toy soldier and hold his toy gun, and my stage 'daughter' took a liking to us and interacted with us quite a bit.  Last year our two stage daughters treated us like we had a disease or something.

I thought it would be much more interesting to take our pictures in front of the set rather than the hallway like last year, but the stage lighting made it next to impossible to get something decent.  I never did get a good shot of my dress, but here it is.  I added a whole bunch of fabric bits and baubles to make it more colorful and sparkly for the stage.  I was going for an Edwardian look, but you can't really tell in the pictures.  I'm not satisfied with it, yet.  I will be making changes before next year.  Hopefully losing the 20 pounds (again) I gained back since last year will be included in those changes.  It will fit much better, I'm sure.

Rylan had a lot of fun performing this year.  This girl loves the stage - absolutely no butterflies.  There was a hitch this year - there was only once dance between her gingerbread and the butterfly.  She and four other little girls were all in the same quick-change boat, so I was backstage with the other moms to help our girls strip completely out of one outfit and into another - and then back again since she was a ginger in the finale.  It was stressful, yet comical.  Rylan learned quickly that there was no time for modesty, and nobody really cares...

I have been really, really lame about posting stuff on the blog.  I never posted about our Nutcracker experience (Rylan's second, and our first) last year, so I am including some pictures here.  Rylan performed as a snow flurry.  She and her class performed alongside the older girls that were the snowflakes.  She looked beautiful.

Here we are, feeling much more relaxed as we had the matinee under our belts and were a lot less nervous.  I am actually wearing my wedding dress.  I was about 8 weeks post BR surgery here, so I was still very sore and swollen, and the dancing bothered me just a bit.  After seeing the video of us dancing on stage, I felt like I looked very washed out and pale, so I thought I needed to add color to the dress this year.  We did have a lot of fun, which played a big part in our decision to do it again this year - and probably be roped into this part for a few years to come.  (if they'll have us)  It is definitely a unique couple experience, and we really enjoyed playing off of each other on stage.  Dean is a ham.  This year we cracked ourselves up, pretending to take selfies in front of the Christmas tree during the party scene - during rehearsal of course.

Many, many thanks to my mom for putting in the long hours of babysitting so that we could take part in this!

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Judy Pearson said...

...and Mom says, "No problem." It gave me time with the little boys--always entertaining! SO proud of you and Dean and Rylan for stepping up and doing the artistic bit for the betterment of this old world. It definitely cheered the audience up for a few hours to see the beauty onstage.