Monday, August 5, 2013

Shoulder Update...

It's been awhile since I've mentioned my shoulder.  I had my *last* physical therapy session last week.  I joked with the receptionist on the way out that they should hand you a graduation certificate or something...

I feel really, really good.  The only move that hurts at this point is reaching around and touching the back side of my opposite shoulder, while applying sunscreen.  Direct pressure on my AC joint still hurts quite a bit, so my bra strap is irritating as hell.  I swear I adjust it about a 100 times a day, pulling it towards my neck to get it out of that shoulder groove.

I do my therapy exercises every day, and will continue from here on out.  I work with 3 lb. weights at the present moment, and I will increase when I am ready.  I also work with elastic bands.  The only therapy moves that are a bit tough at this point is rotating in and out, or on the diagonal.

I am really pleased with the results and I think the surgeon did a fantastic job.  I still wonder, how, at the age of (almost) 42, I could have had that much arthritis in that joint.  I am beginning to think that the 20+ years of a heavily-loaded bra strap may be the culprit.. :(  The other shoulder is not bothering me at the present moment, although it was showing signs of wear during the months I was depending on it so much as I babied the other shoulder.

It is miraculous how quickly a body can heal!

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