Monday, August 6, 2012

School Supplies


There you have it. 

My sum total of school supply shopping for this year.

Four, count em' 1-2-3-4, dry erase markers.

Boy do I love homeschooling!

I am celebrating my sixth year of watching half-crazed parents, with 2-page school supply lists in hand, barking at their children to "Just choose a damn folder and find some No. 2 pencils!  Why do you need TEN spiral notebooks!?!?!?  What happened to last year's backpack?  Lunch box?  Waterbottle?"

While I pass by in total.  unstressed.  blissdom.

Lest you hate me... that was school supply shopping I was talking about.

Curriculum is an entirely different financial matter.

I may need to hold a sidewalk bake sale or two, to fund our book order.
Or make Jordan and Rylan do a weekend car wash or something...

So, I guess in that department, you public-schoolers have got it made.


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