Saturday, August 11, 2012

One of Betty's favorite things...

Today is my grandma Betty's birthday.  She would have celebrated her 90th year...  When grandma talked about her childhood in the wilds of northern Wyoming, she mentioned that she loved to go to the different community celebrations in the summertime - the county fair (her mother lead the women's cooperative extension), tent revivals, and vacation bible school.

So in honor of grandma's birthday - let's celebrate the agricultural backbone of our community and go to the county fair!

Day one
(with Dean and the kids, and some family friends)

The doggie spash zone was by far the best part of the fair...

(Dude!  Where's my car?)

(Cam the Ram.  ver. 9.1)

"Does this make me look fat?"

The 4-H projects

(all of these projects were completed by various kiddos in our homeschooling group)
(and there were several more that I didn't take a picture of...)
(mainly because I couldn't find them)
(Like sheep.  And goats.  How did I miss them?)

WOW!  What talented and dedicated kids!

Day 2
(Grandma Judy, me and Rylan)

My favorite part of the fair... the quilts!

Collecting plastic eggs from stuffed chickens.  Where's the challenge?

First pony ride!

First amusement park ride!  She giggled the whole time...

That's my girl!!

Love you grandma... you are never far from my thoughts...

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