Sunday, April 8, 2012

All things bunnies, eggs and chocolate.

Happy Saturday Morning!  I should not be up this early.

An egg decorating party!  Jordan and his best friend, Abbi.

Owen chose green dye, of course.

Easter morning...


The resident candy-holic...she takes after her father.

Take '1'

Take '4'

Take '9'

Just act natural!   Okay....that's not exactly what I meant.

My aunt Kathy with her totally awesome Sunflower Peep Cake.  It was gooooood!

Yes.  That's right.  Jordan is holding Colin's egg basket, as he is Colin's 'Egg Buddy' (the older kid who helps the younger kid collect their eggs).  And Colin is totally entranced by a handheld electronic game, despite encouragement from Grandma Judy.   Eggs?  What eggs? 

Game still in hand, but now he is going after eggs.

My dad and step mom.

Dean with my brother and SIL's new border collie puppy, 'Angus'.  No.  No.  A thousand times 'No'.

Is it just me, or are the 'Egg Buddies' doing all the work?

My cousin Dan and his sweet daughter, Emily.  Gosh she is cute.

To polish up a nice weekend, Dean thought that it would be *fun* to tear out a damaged fence panel and replace a loose fence post.  I suppose it is more *fun* than the ***fun*** we had on Easter last year.

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