Friday, December 30, 2011

The Trifecta

Poop     Pee     Puke

On top of everything else going on around here (room rearranging) I think that Dean and I have more laundry around here than we thought humanly possible.  Starting with Dec. 17th, the day we started potty training with Owen, we have been averaging 6 loads of laundry a day.  I'm not kidding.  That's 78 loads give or take.  I'm getting a little tired of laundry.  I don't even want to think about what our utility bill is going to look like.

Owen is doing marginally well with the potty training.  He is getting it right about 80% of the time where pee is concerned.  Poop on the other hand is a completely different matter.  He hasn't quite made it to the potty yet.  At least he only goes once, maybe twice a day.  At this point he is responsible for most of what it takes to clean that up.  We have a small bucket (I call it the 'poop bucket') stationed by the potty chair that all misses go into until the washer is free.  The poop gets rinsed away before the dirty underwear goes in there, but the dirty stuff has to go someplace other than the laundry pile.  And my bathroom sink is not an option either.

Colin has some sort of stomach 'thing' lately.  He's evidently coughed during the night (several nights over the past week) and thrown up in the process, and then gone back to sleep.  Gross.  Even though the monitor is on, I never hear it - but I find it in the morning... a nice large swath of puke right by Colin's head.  So in go the sheets, blankets and pj's. 

Occasionally we do hit the jackpot and throw the whole trifecta in the wash at once.  Colin has also been throwing up on himself a couple different times during the day... along with a wonderful soupy diarrhea.

I'm sorry.....have you had breakfast yet?

So, in addition to all of the laundry that is going on - and the extra long time it takes to wash things through the 'Sanitize' cycle, we are bathing the house in Lysol, and scrubbing everywhere there is a miss or a clean-up.  The house has never been so clean.

So, you wanna come over for a visit?  You might get lucky and witness a trifecta - place your bets now!


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