Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A pox on thy pox parties...

when are chicken pox contagious

By virtue of being a homeschooler, we run in the social circles that are passionate about freedom of education, food choices, and immunizations.  It seems that every few months, someone else on facebook is announcing another Chicken Pox exposure party.

I've got to get some rather intense feelings off my chest - right now, because the situation has become toxic.  There will be ruffled feathers, and hurt feelings of close friends, but I want to scream at the world, and implore to the sensibilities of the parents out there that intentionally expose their children to potentially dangerous diseases.  It may be all fun and games for you to circle up your children and pass around a lollipop and then wait in gleeful anticipation for the spots to appear - but what about all the other people you will come into contact with for the next three weeks.  Did you think about them?

I'm the daughter of an immunologist.  You now know which side of the fence I stand on.  I don't engage in discussion about the merits of immunizations with others, I don't push my opinions on facebook (until now) or at Park Day, I just keep it to myself.  But when I have unknowingly exposed my children to a child that has been knowingly exposed, that is when I get livid about the insanity of it all.
I just have to question this fine line between one parent's agenda and another's.  If your agenda is to intentionally get your child sick so that they build a natural life-time immunity to the chicken pox, I can respect that.  I am thankful that I went though the disease myself and that I no longer have to worry about it.  But in the pursuit of your agenda, did you consider that everywhere you go for the next 21 days, you are potentially putting some one else at risk?  Yes - I know it is not intentional, but no one is using common sense here!!  I know you mean well for your children, but the ramifications of intentionally exposing your family to disease seems to get lost in the translation here

We didn't have a choice in this happening.  Where is the fairness in that?  I'm not trying to point fingers and ridicule others for their lifestyle choice.  I will, however, call attention to - hell, even scream it from the mountain tops (in other words put it on my blog) when an action puts my family unknowingly at risk.  So please, please, to all of you non-immunizers out there... please understand that your choice to expose your kids is not as personal as you think.  Apologies aren't necessary here - what's done is done - but awareness within our community will make all the difference in the future.

I'll see you all next Spring when it is safe to come out.  (and they say we aren't socialized...pshaw)

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