Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three funerals and a wedding

Tuesday morning I ran by the cleaners to pick up Dean's suit.  Attached was a small bag that contained items that were found in the pockets when I had dropped it off on the previous Saturday afternoon.  Two funeral bulletins - grandmother Liles and my grandmother Betty.  How ironic.  We bought that suit for Dean to wear as a groomsman in a wedding in Texas last October.  It got a lot more mileage in it's first year than we bargained for.

We also outfitted the kids last year with duds for the wedding.  Nice khaki's and navy polos for the boys and a navy dress for Rylan.  I already had a navy dress, and so we chose a very dark navy with a subtle pinstripe for Dean.  The kids' outfits have gotten a lot of mileage as well.  They work for either happy/somber occasion, which is a great financial relief.


Jordan has outgown his khakis and they are not (ahem) fit to pass on to Owen for future use.  Jordan is hard on his clothes.  We were a even a little bit embarrassed about their condition yesterday - one of the knees is almost threadbare - it was barely holding together.  One more squat and they are finished.

Owen has grown a couple of inches and his pants are now ankle length.

Colin, at 20 months, is wearing Owen's old 2T outfits (of which we had a standard khaki/navy combo ready to go), but that little bugger is already TOO BIG for even some of those clothes.

Rylan's dress had some grease stains on the front, unbeknownst to me.  They are so hard to spot on a navy background unless you are in good light.

My dress is in it's eighth year of service.  It even has some fashionable shoulder pads.

Our clothes have a lot of history.  I look through pictures and I can only tell the difference between the events based on the background and what everyone else is wearing.  That is kinda sad...

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