Sunday, October 30, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry


Outside my window...  The afternoon sun is melting the last of the snow tunnel the kids built on Thursday

I am thinking... That I am sooo happy that this very busy (fun.... but busy) weekend is drawing to a close.

I am thankful... For the wonderful church family that we have.  Despite our two year absence (more or less) it always feels good to see familiar faces and feel the instantaneous community.

From the Learning Rooms... This was our 'off' week.  Tomorrow we are back at it for another three weeks.  We will be floating pumpkins in the bathtub, counting seeds and measuring... all that fun stuff.  Lots of fun projects lined up for tomorrow.

In the kitchen...  Tonight it is Tilapia. Sunday usually means fish is on the menu.

I am wearing... A black 3/4 sleeve and jeans.  With dirt on the knees.  I wore a nice skirt, hose and nice shoes to church this morning and it damn near killed me.  I have been wearing tennis shoes for a solid five weeks now, trying to turn my plantar fasciitis around.  I get my orthotics in two weeks.  Yeah!  I was in agony today, after only two hours.  I even had to hobble to the car.  No more skirts for a long while...

I am creating...  I finished sewing Rylan's ladybug skirt Wednesday, and finished painting Jordan's papier mache Stag Beetle head and carapace on Thursday.  I am 'done' with projects for a little while...

I am going... out with some fellow homeschooling moms for a night out on Thursday.  Archery!  It is loads of fun... and I am looking forward to the wine/beer and conversation afterwards...

I am wondering...   About a little boy I saw at the church's Trunk-or-Treat this afternoon.  He was dressed as Dracula, but he had a shaved head.  I wonder if he has cancer.  I ache inside when I see little kids have to go through something like that.

I am reading...  Watermelon, by Marian Keyes.  (What still??)  I have read about another seventy pages since I mentioned it in my last SWDE last August.  I also have The Brightest Star in the Sky, by Marian Keyes, and Promise Not to Tell, by Jennifer McMahon.  All three are current or previous bookclub reads.  I'm a little behind.  I also checked out One Hundred Names for Love, by Diane Ackerman, because on my Facebook feed, author Elizabeth Berg recommended it after she read and fell in love with the first line.  She is right - it is an amazing first line.  It is also the longest first line I have ever read.  I have a new way of getting in some reading everyday.  Just like setting my timer for Fly Lady cleaning sprints, I also set a timer for 15 minutes to get in a little reading.  I try and do it twice a day.  Reading at bedtime is a no-go.  I am asleep before I can even get a page in.

I am hoping... To get in a decent amount of school this week.

I am looking forward to... Getting some projects going.  I have some committee work to get done, a blog post series launched and some files systems to put in place.

I am hearing...  Nora Jones Radio on Pandora.  Sarah McLachlan is currently playing.  I have also been listening to the new Coldplay release, Mylo Xyloto.  I love, love, love the fifth track, Us Against the World.  Wow.

Around the house... Carving pumpkins tonight.  Oh.  Boy.

I am pondering...   How to get over the initial smell of an open pumpkin that makes me want to hurl.

One of my favorite things...  Watching the kids walk around in their costumes and carry their treat bags.  They are so cute... They are growing up way to fast.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Candyfest tomorrow night, and then back to a fairly quiet routine for the next three weeks.  I love fall, but I am so glad that October is essentially over.  I am ready to move on.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...

The first snowfall of the season came late on Tuesday night, and lasted most of Wednesday.  Thursday morning came and I tromped out into the front yard to snap a few frost pictures.  I was dressed appropriately in my pjs, pink bathrobe and Sorel's.  The neighbors *love* me...

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Thank you to my husband for taking the kids to the park so I could have some time to write...  :)

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SavedbyGrace said...

I live in MI and I am sooo not looking forward to the snow. However, your picture to make me crave it just a little :) (ps. i'm from NM.... soooo cold weather and I clash hahaha)