Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yesterday Rylan interrupted a phone call to ask me how to spell the "oo" sound.

Two minutes later she came back to ask how to spell the "oi" sound.

Then she asked for some tape.

Then she proudly escorted me to her bedroom door.

"Look what I made!"


You know the feeling when your child draws a wonderful picture and yet you have no idea what in the world it could possibly be?  "Uh, um.... What pretty colors you chose!  I like the red!  And the purple!  And ooooo, what pretty orange!".  And then your brilliant child answers, "Yes!  It's a banana!"  (okay....)

It is the same with prewriting.

Only worse.

You never want to ruin the moment by messing up what they were trying to say.

So you start to sweat.

Then you try to read it.

You sound a little like a beginning reader yourself.

"Nnnn.. No.  No.  Nooow.  Now.  Now?"

"No.  (sigh) That says 'No' mommy!"


I tried.

Here is Rylan's first attempt to lay claim to her space and assert her domination over her brothers by virtue of being a female.

Don't peek at the answer.  Give it your best shot....

A: Rylan room   No boys allowed.

Then Jordan pointed out the fact that she shares a room with a boy.

So she added a provision to her new rule.

Not to be outdone, Jordan made his own sign for his door across the hall.

And we now have an additional spelling word for Jordan this week.

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