Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shedding my dignity...

This is not my dog.  Although this one does resemble my second husky quite a bit...  See all the hair?  That is exactly what my carpet looks like.  Even when I vacuum four times a day.  Which I do, during summer and winter shedding times.  You can see fur float across on the kitchen table, as it is propelled by the ceiling fan.  It's on the bathroom counter.  In the sock drawer.  If you sneeze, you will see 50 billion hairs rise up, and settle again.

I hate shedding time.

I have lived with this phenomena for over twenty years, so I have gone through this at least 40 times.  No wait- 39.  One time my dad shaved Kai, my first husky, with clippers.  I don't think she ever forgave me for that.  I just wanted to share my pain, and bitch about having to vacuum again today.

And whatever you do...don't EVER google images of "dog fur".  Especially if you love dogs.  Just.....don't.

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