Saturday, August 20, 2011

Say Say my Playmate...

Well, it's official.  Rylan has joined Girl Scouts.  She will join seven little other Daisies two Fridays from now and say the Girl Scout Promise along with them.  And I will lead them.  I'm nuts.  Absolutely nuts.  But I have help - awesome help!  So I should say together we shall lead them.

I'm also a traitor.  This was supposed to be our Campfire moment.  WO-HE-LO forever!!!

I am actually considering doing both.  Because insanity becomes me.   I can't let the Campfire dream go just yet...

On to the dream of my little girl actually having some friends.  This is every home schooler's bane.  Socialization is not the issue!  Isolation is.  There are several little girls in our group (130 families strong now!! Can you believe it?  An introvert's nightmare...) but just can't seem to make anything stick.  There is a strong 7 year old(ish) clique going on with the families that have been in for a while, and Rylan has never been able to 'fit in'.  They are pretty tight.  Not in a snobby way, just not in an inclusive way.  They have found each other, they are happy, and that is that.  Park Days are a little sad and frustrating for both Rylan and Jordan.  No one will actively include Rylan.  Jordan doesn't want to play the rough games that the other boys play (battling with foam boppers) so they are both kind of stuck.  We need to get out of our rut and find some new buddies.  With all of the new blood that has joined in the past several months, there are bound to be some good kids that will begin showing up at Park Day soon.  All I can do is hope. 

So, therein enters Girl Scouts.  I hope that Rylan finds her niche here.  We have a wonderful group of girls lined up.  I know most of the girls, so it looks like it will be a good fit.  We have planned the whole year out.  Lined up the dates, made a jillion phone calls, wrote a kjillion emails, and really made the effort to make this busy, fun and as streamlined as possible.  I hope it works.  Because nothing is worse than dealing with unhappy parents.   The girls could care less, it is the parents that have a certain idea in mind about the whole experience.  It's that dang nostalgia thing.  (That's not how we did it when we were kids!!)  I know.  I'm guilty of it too.

I will now spend my weekend glued to the computer, completing my volunteer training, doing leadership training, and looking for cutsey ideas - because I really struggle with cutsey.  In that respect, I am glad I only have one girl.

And then it hits me.  I can't believe she is five.  I can't believe she is in scouts.  We are going to have to sell cookies!!  Oh dear...

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